Thanks to all our partners for our great showing at the Awards shows.

By Dorn Martell

As many of you know, Tinsley and our clients have done extremely well at the Addys, The Advertising Admissions Awards (for College Marketing) and the Aster Awards (Health Care Marketing). The awards usually list the CD, AD, Copywriter and Producer, but without the talented people we work with, none of this would be possible. This includes directors, photographers, composers, actors, editors, crews and assistants. These people are not just suppliers to us, but partners who have as much invested in the outcome as we do. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our success especially: Mike Neumann and Sung Hwang of One World Productions, John Martyn at Audacity Recording, Jeb Milne and the animators at WIT, Mateo Garcia, Sid Hoeltzell, Stephen Frink, Alan Maltz and Chris Irving at Ithink Studios.


We really appreciate all that you do for us and our clients.
Thank you