By Dorn Martell

Last summer, the water temperature in the Florida Keys broke a record set in the Persian Gulf.  101.1 degrees. The shock of this, combined with other factors, caused the largest coral bleaching event ever witnessed in The Keys. Coral Restoration Foundation had to do the unimaginable and rescue corals from their open-ocean Coral Nursery and bring them back to land. It was our job to help them tell their story.

Tinsley Advertising wrote and produced a documentary film that highlighted the emergency situation that CRF faced and the heroic efforts made to save years of hard work and thousands of living creatures. Raising awareness and raising money is critical to the future of Florida’s reefs as the existing corals represent approximately two percent of the corals that once lived here. But the efforts of CRF made a huge difference. By saving precious coral fragments from bleaching and raising an abundance of heat and disease-resistant genotypes, CRF represents the best hope for restoring our precious coral reefs.

“Thank you and the Tinsley team for creating the amazing opening video. The message resonated with our attendees and I’ve received fantastic feedback on how the video set the right tone for the evening.” Martha Roesler – Chief Development Officer, Coral Restoration Foundation

To find out how you can get involved with Coral Restoration Foundation go to You can donate or volunteer to help on land or out in the open ocean.

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