A Bit About Us

Launched by Sandy Tinsley in 1974 with little more than a desk and a dream, Tinsley Advertising has evolved into one of the most respected agencies in the Southeast, with an enviable roster of regional, national and international clients, and some of the best creative and strategic thinkers in the business. And in an era of conglomeration and consolidation, Tinsley Advertising remains lean, nimble and fiercely independent.

What We Do

Tinsley Advertising is a full-service advertising agency driven by strategic insight, powered by creative ideas, committed to quality and integrity, and dedicated to achieving our clients’ objectives. Whether your brand or product goals are local, regional or national in scale, we can accommodate your marketing needs. Our philosophy is simple. We actually like what we do. And for the most part, we like each other and our clients like us. We’re not slaves to trendiness and we’re not jaded. We believe that most advertising is either condescending or invisible, but occasionally there are ads that make you laugh, make you think or make you feel something. Those are the kinds of ads we do.


Sandy Tinsley

Sandy Tinsley is not your typical adman. She’s not a New Yorker, she doesn’t use words like “synergy” and “think outside the box” and she’s not even a man. But Sandy Tinsley has built one of the Southeast’s leading full service ad agencies from the ground up.

Chief Executive Officer

John Underwood

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since John first joined Tinsley. As an avid runner, John doesn’t tend to stay in one place for very long. But he’s been running Tinsley’s Florida Keys & Key West account team since 2001, and he’s helped us cover a lot of ground through some of the toughest circumstances anyone could imagine, 9/11, countless hurricanes, and of course, The Great Recession.

Chief Creative Officer

Dorn Martell

If you ever find yourself in trouble on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, make sure you save Dorn for last as your “phone a friend.” There’s nothing this guy doesn’t know. And even if there is, he’s so convincing, you’d never know it.

Chief Operating OfficerAccount Management Supervisor

Rick Balter

As Marketing and Advertising Director for Tasco, Rick was responsible for that U.S. brand’s pre-eminence in the optical category, beating the Japanese at their own game. But his expertise is not telescoped into one category. His strategic planning has covered such diverse areas as packaged goods, hard goods, import/export, travel and tourism.


Sofie Vilar-Frary

Sofie came to Tinsley in 1984… yes, 1984. And she’s been an integral part of the Tinsley team ever since. Most people need a little coffee in the morning for their daily jolt, but not Sof.


Casey Lunsford

After graduating from Drew University in 2003, Casey began working at Tinsley in 2005. It is often said that bookeepers are well balanced and nothing could be more true of Casey. When she’s not balancing the books, she’s balancing on her head, literally.

Senior Vice PresidentDirector of Media Services

Scott Sussman

Scott began his advertising career in New York, first with Grey Advertising and then Foote, Cone & Belding, where he planned and bought media for Clients like Kraft/General Foods, Colgate-Palmolive and Frito-Lay.

Vice PresidentAssociate Media Director

Eric Gitlin

A veteran of the Madison Avenue rat race, Eric escaped from New York and showed up on our doorstep 12 years ago, and he’s been here ever since. (well, except for an extraordinarily brief stop at “the-agency-which-must-not-be-named.”)

Media Supervisor

Nancy Stern

Statistics say the average person will have anywhere from 5 to 15 jobs over the course of their career. Lucky for us, and our clients, Nancy Stern is anything but average. Nancy arrived at Tinsley Advertising in 1983, fresh out of The University of Miami, and she’s been quietly toiling away in our media department ever since.

Associate Creative Director

Rick Blitman

One day, some years back, this guy showed up at the office. He said his name was Rick and that he was the new writer. None of us had heard anything about it. But, to make him feel welcome, we gave him all the work we had. That turned out to be a stroke of genius.

Associate Creative Director

Ulysses Busch

Named for the mythical Greek God of digital photo retouching and exceptional art direction, Uly walked into our offices several years ago and virtually revolutionized the Agency’s graphics capabilities.

Director of Interactive

Gio Gutierrez

Gio comes from the future. He is perfectly versed in most programming languages, dreams in code and can’t sleep when his pixels aren’t in order.

Director of Information Services

Peter Leeman

Born in the Downriver Detroit area Peter was considered genius level IQ at Palmer Park nursery school. This would serve him well at his first agency position helping implement the Nikon Image management system for Greenstone Roberts Advertising Coconut Creek.

Traffic Manager

Kathy Hirsh

As a superbly organized person, Kathy works with perhaps the most disorganized people in the world: the Creative Department.

Executive Producer

Lisa Stephens

Lisa counts herself among that rare and unusual species: The native Floridian. Born and raised in Miami Beach, Lisa considers herself an honorary “Conch” by virtue of her frequent family car trips to the Keys. As Tinsley’s very first producer, Lisa grew her career, had a great time and won her share of Addys, Emmys and Angels.

Production Manager

Jennyfer Albo

Jennyfer Albo has been around the block. Literally. Today you’ll find Tinsley’s Production Manager behind the wheel of her shiny black Mini Cooper, off to yet another press run (likely stopping to buy another bottle of Aveda hair gel along the way).

Senior Account Executive

Danielle Salman

One part Manolo Blahnik. One part Tony Hawk. Danielle Salman is as comfortable on the good side of the velvet rope as she is shredding on a skateboard. And she manages to do both with a megawatt smile and impeccably manicured nails.

Account Executive

Emily Maier

You know how there are some people who have no idea how to merge onto a busy highway, and others who do it effortlessly? That’s sort of what happened with Emily Maier.


Julian Samper

If you’re ever fortunate enough to meet Julian, don’t just shake his hand. Shake the whole guy. Because one thing is certain: The man cannot be rattled. Julian is the calm in the eye of the storm that is Tinsley’s art studio.

Senior Art Director

Korryn Warner

When Korryn Warner joined Tinsley Advertising as a Studio Artist some 10 years ago, we knew it wouldn’t last long. In fact, her business card was barely dry before she was promoted to Senior Art Director.

Senior Art Director

Vanessa Burguiere

One part Amelie, one part Heidi, French-born, Swiss-raised Vanessa Burguiere brings a wonderfully quirky, delightfully European sensibility to Tinsley Advertising.

Senior Copywriter

Mark Slatko

What do fly-fishing mountain streams, a fascination with the cosmos and a Mac laptop all have in common? Tinsley Senior copywriter Mark Slatko, for one.

Senior Art Director

Lauren Zuckerman Saab

Y’know the old saying: “If you let something go and it comes back…then it was meant to be”? Well, that’s sort of how we feel about Lauren. She came to Tinsley as a summer intern while she was still a Design student at Syracuse University.

Art Director

Josh Guilfoyle

Whoever coined the phrase be careful of the quiet ones could easily have been referring to Tinsley Art Director Joshua Guilfoyle. Because while Joshua isn’t the most vociferous member of Tinsley’s creative department, his work takes no prisoners.

Account Coordinator

Emily Godoy

If it’s true what they say about dressing for the job you want, and not the job you have…. Anna Wintour better watch her back. Because, while Emily is an Account Coordinator by day, she lives an alternate life as an international fashion blogger by night.