Rick Blitman

One day, some years back, this guy showed up at the office. He said his name was Rick and that he was the new writer. None of us had heard anything about it. But, to make him feel welcome, we gave him all the work we had. That turned out to be a stroke of genius.

In no time, we came to realize that Rick was not only a fast writer, but a really good one. He had come to us with a lot of automotive experience and quickly proved to be just as adept at writing about anything we threw at him. Food. Tourism. Retail. Real Estate. Healthcare. Cruise Lines. You name it. And his writing could touch your heart as easily as make you laugh out loud.

Of course, eventually Sandy found out we were making Rick write everything and she made us stop it. And while we couldn’t pull the wool over his eyes anymore, having Rick here definitely made us creatively stronger. So we decided to keep him.