Ulysses Busch

Named for the mythical Greek God of digital photo retouching and exceptional art direction, Uly walked into our offices several years ago and virtually revolutionized the Agency’s graphics capabilities.

His vast experience includes award winning work for The Florida Keys & Key West, State of Florida Tourism, Miami-Dade Tourism, Royal Viking Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Turnberry Isle Resort & Spa and Walt Disney World, to name a few.

Just like the mythic figure for whom he is named, Uly has roamed Florida’s entire advertising scene in a wide variety of roles as art director, digital video editor, computer systems consultant, software trainer, systems specifier and troubleshooter.

There’s nothing Uly can’t do, and only one thing he won’t: Turn down that stereo. You see, he’s also an avid guitarist and rock ‘n’ roll fan.