By Dorn Martell

We live in an interconnected world. The more we learned about the role that coral reef ecosystems played in the overall health of our planet we knew we had to get involved. Tinsley and Coral Restoration Foundation™ have worked together for several years raising awareness about the threats that coral reefs are facing, not only in The Florida Keys, but around the world. This year we are happy to report that not only are the coral communities improving and spawning new coral our fundraising efforts were the most successful in the history of the organization.

We created a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram that lead up to Giving Tuesday. We tracked each post for effectiveness and saw that our videos outperformed our still posts by a considerable margin. All our efforts lead to a strong push to hit that DONATE button on the global day of giving.

Tinsley also created a long-form film that ran on YouTube and was the main sales tool at their annual Gala. Giving Tuesday and the Gala raised more money than any other promotions in the history of the organization.

“Tinsley has been a consistent supporter of Coral Restoration Foundation™ since 2019, lending their advertising savvy to the mission to restore Florida’s Coral Reef. Thanks to their donated expertise, our Giving Tuesday campaign has grown year over year. In 2021, we raised more than twice as much as we raised in 2020, and far exceeding our previous fundraising records for the global day of giving. This success was in no small part due to the extraordinary assets that the Tinsley team put together for us. We are still crunching numbers, but the gala was a huge success – far and away our best one yet. Thank you and Tinsley again for the fantastic video! “We are so grateful and look forward to continuing to build on this wonderful relationship,” said Martha Roeseler, CRF™ Chief Development Officer.

We look forward to the continuing success of Coral Restoration Foundation™ and we believe that giving back defines who we are as a company.