The 360° of Advertising Panel Discussion

By Gio Gutierrez

Yesterday (May 26th) was Ad Fed’s/Ad2 Miami’s panel discussion titled “The 360° of Advertising”. The venue was hosted over at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design and I was on the panel representing the Interactive field along with other advertising professionals such as Milan DeVito from Zimmerman and Elizabeth Calienes from Saatchi & Saatchi. It was a great event discussing different angles of the industry from PR to Mobile Marketing.

The talk of the night was definitely centered around social media. Some of the discussion was on what side of the fence do services like Twitter / Facebook fall (PR? Marketing? Advertiser?) or what to even call this personal. Social Ambassadors? Reputation Manager? Whatever is ends up being… it’s something we all agreed was important to the brand.

Note: Did a quick survey of the 50-60 students listening to the panel on “Who watches TV shows live?” 5 people raised their hand.