Tinsley Launches Viceroy Collection for City Furniture

By Dorn Martell

Our new spot just broke in Miami targeting the ubiquitous urban condo dweller. The condo market has grown exponentially over the last several years and our new commercial uses a smooth EDM vibe and contemporary styling to sell City Furniture’s Viceroy Collection. Viceroy is a collection of pieces offering clean minimalist designs that fit in perfectly with today’s “downtown” scene. This spot is part of a four year re-branding effort that has been very successful. In a marketplace where sales at most home furnishing stores have remained flat, City Furniture has enjoyed double digit increases in same-store sales. Our efforts have also transformed the brand image from a “local” furniture store (formerly Waterbed City) to a national level and “higher end customers” are now flocking to more expensive brands like Bernhardt. Our campaign has won awards and driven sales – the ultimate test of a campaign’s performance.

Tinsley and City Furniture encourage women to get checked for breast cancer.

By Dorn Martell

Breast cancer. It’s the second leading cause of death among women. Each year over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and for over 40,000 women, the disease will be fatal. Sobering statistics and the rationale for our latest spot for City Furniture. The spot talks about how breast cancer hits close to home and that every woman should be checked. A message that is especially relevant since the recent passing of Doreen Koenig, philanthropist and wife of City Furniture CEO Keith Koenig. The spot was created pro bono with services donated by voice actor Dave DeAndrea and Audacity Recording. It will run for the month of October and our sincere hope is that every woman will get examined and that some day there will be a cure for this horrible disease.

Tinsley and City Furniture Introduce Bernhardt

By Dorn Martell

Two new commercials were unveiled this week introducing the arrival of the Bernhardt line of furniture at City Furniture. The Bernhardt line is inspired by timeless style and enduring quality. Tinsley found inspiration in the detail and design of these new pieces and shot our new spots on location in amazing homes in the Miami area. Our first spot, “Classic”, speaks to the power of classic design and its ability to stand the test of time. The second spot, “Understatement”, highlights the fact that elegance comes from simplicity. These spots will run in conjunction with our new branding campaign for City which has been stimulating sales and elevating the perception of the City Furniture brand overall throughout the South Florida market. “We really believe that home furnishings is at a nexus in the history of the industry and we think there are possibilities to do things that have never been done before.” said Alex Bernhardt Jr., President and CEO of Bernhardt. We couldn’t agree more.

City Furniture Goes Green

By Dorn Martell

Where does our home end and the rest of the world begin? That’s the question that is answered by our new spot for City Furniture. Our goal was to tell the world how City Furniture is committed to sustainability in the way they gather raw materials. For example, doing business with companies that plant two trees for every tree that is harvested. Or how their couches with biodegradable soy instead of petroleum based products that will remain in landfills for hundreds of years.

Our new spot highlights an emotional connection between homes, families and the world we live in. Giving City Furniture a point-of-difference in a world of mass-produced furniture and irritating advertising.


More New Spots for City Furniture

By Dorn Martell

Can furniture be a part of your family and a memorable part of your life?

That’s the theme of our new spot for City Furniture called “Build a Life”.

This spot is built around the premise that it’s not too much to ask for your kids’ bedroom furniture to survive childhood or for a couch to last long enough to go out of style. In this spot we talk about quality and value and remind viewers that some of the most memorable moments in life took place in Dad’s favorite chair, jumping on your bed or with your family gathered around the dining room table.

Our strategy of “humanizing” City Furniture is really beginning to get noticed throughout their Florida markets and we’ve received many compliments on the transformation of this local icon. More new spots to come. Stay tuned.


A New Campaign and a Whole New Image for City Furniture.

By Dorn Martell

City Furniture is unveiling a new series of commercials for the South Florida market today, but the thinking behind them was a long journey that looked at the market from a global perspective.

“We analyzed world trends and studied how people interact with their surroundings and found that home was more than just product and price, it was the universal center of family life”, said Mike Lennon, Senior Vice President of Marketing at City Furniture.

This new 5 spot campaign is the culmination of several years of some deep soul searching by the marketing team at City Furniture and a new collaboration with Tinsley Advertising.

City Furniture has a deep commitment to the environment, philanthropy and doing the right thing for their workers and the community. We felt that by focusing on these values, the consumer will see that they are a different kind of company, and that most people would rather do business with a company that really cares.

The campaign has a decidedly mellow vibe with soft focus and original, acoustic music. This is in stark contrast to the hard sell environment that furniture is often sold in.

The first spot is called “Habitat” and highlights the diversity of architectural styles and unique interiors that make up the South Florida lifestyle. Look for more new spots by Tinsley for City Furniture in the coming weeks.