Sandy Tinsley

Sandy Tinsley is not your typical adman. She’s not a New Yorker, she doesn’t use words like “synergy” and “think outside the box” and she’s not even a man. But Sandy Tinsley has built one of the Southeast’s leading full service ad agencies from the ground up.

Sandy started when few women were in the ad biz. She began her career as ad director for a major packaged foods company and eventually started her own agency with Holsum Bread as her first client. Sandy pioneered content-based advertising when she created The Don Shula Show, the longest-running coach’s television show in NFL history.

Since the early days Sandy has seen it all – from launching brands like Silversea Cruises and The Yachts of Seabourn to transforming The Florida Keys & Key West and SuperClubs Resorts into international prominence. She’s discovered raw talent and nurtured them into accomplished ad people. She has survived recessions, wars, hurricanes and even a shipwreck off the Bahamas. All the while she’s made some great ads and some great friends.