Rick Balter

As Marketing and Advertising Director for Tasco, Rick was responsible for that U.S. brand’s pre-eminence in the optical category, beating the Japanese at their own game. But his expertise is not telescoped into one category. His strategic planning has covered such diverse areas as packaged goods, hard goods, import/export, travel and tourism.

Along the way, Rick developed a mastery of print production that allows him to spot a glitch on a proof at twenty paces. And he has a knack for getting suppliers to deliver on time – and on budget – on every job he supervised. Which is all of them.

Today, in addition to his many duties handling Agency operations, Rick still takes great pride in overseeing Tinsley’s production department while producing stellar print work that makes out Clients stand our against the competition. After all, the finest marketing plan’s creative concepts won’t attain their goals unless the finished piece is the best it can be.