Nancy Stern

Statistics say the average person will have anywhere from 5 to 15 jobs over the course of their career. Lucky for us, and our clients, Nancy Stern is anything but average. Nancy arrived at Tinsley Advertising in 1983, fresh out of The University of Miami, and she’s been quietly toiling away in our media department ever since.

To put that in perspective – when Nancy got here, Ronald Reagan was just settling into The White House. A promising rookie quarterback named Dan Marino led the Miami Dolphins to The Super Bowl. ET had just phoned home – on a rotary dial. When Nancy got here, the computer mouse hadn’t been invented yet, the World Wide Web was 8 years away, and the parents of the cast of High School Musical were actually still in high school.

Between the launching of global communications satellites, endlessly expanding cable channels, and the infinite growth of the internet, the world of media has changed dramatically over the years. And through it all, Nancy has been our one true constant.