Meera Tikku
Account Coordinator

Born in New Jersey as a first generation South Asian-American, Meera is also part of a fresh new generation here at Tinsley. A recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Meera holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, with a minor in non-fiction Creative Writing and a certificate in Professional Writing. You’d think she’d be a writer, right? Wrong.

Meera joined Tinsley’s Account Service team as an Account Coordinator for The Florida Keys & Key West. Account Service is the perfect spot for Meera, allowing her to put 10 years of competitive dancing to good use. She can tap dance with the best of them.

In her spare time, Meera co-hosts South Asian Stories, a podcast featuring South Asians on unconventional career paths. She’s also a freelance digital strategist for South Asian and female-founded small businesses. And she’s a big DEIA advocate, striving to bring diversity and inclusion to the community. On top of all that, this croc-wearing cat enthusiast is a banana fanatic. If it’s banana-flavored, she’ll try it. Although some of us don’t get the appeal.