Jaclyn Fortier
Account Supervisor

It’s impossible to paint Jaclyn with too broad a brush. Although she’s relatively new to Tinsley, (note: anyone here for less than a decade is new to Tinsley), her career in advertising started years ago at Tambourine, Kaseya and most recently, Zimmerman – where she worked on accounts including McDonalds, Kay Jewelers and JetBlue Vacations. Her life experience outside the industry left her well prepared for whatever she’d encounter on the inside: she was a high school art teacher – with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Wheaton College and a master’s in Marketing from FIU.

Though Jackie is an avid road cyclist, she doesn’t like to stay in one lane for too long. Which explains why she’s also a sailor. And a mixologist. And an angler. And a figure skater. And a beach volleyball player. And a motorcyclist. The fact is, anything you can do, she’s probably already done. And just to punctuate it, if you’re forty, Jaclyn’s Fortier.

Regardless, we’re happy to have her on the team at Tinsley, overseeing day-to-day operations on a variety of accounts.