Coral Restoration Foundation™ and Tinsley Take Times Square

By Dorn Martell

If you look up in Times Square between now and September you will see our latest film for Coral Restoration Foundation™. Based on the famous “this is your brain on drugs” PSA from the 1980s, our film tells the story of a brain coral that’s been bleached by global warming. 

This is another, in a series of initiatives Tinsley’s been working on to support the sustainability efforts of CRF™ and The Monroe County Tourist Development Council. Most people look out at the ocean and see nothing wrong, but we’re here to let everyone know there is a crisis below the surface. Ocean temperatures are rising and coral reefs are dying. The Coral Restoration Foundation™  is here to provide hope for the future by growing genetically diverse corals and returning them to areas that have been decimated by a combination of local stressors, coral bleaching and other diseases. Our coral reefs are vital to the overall health of the ocean, as they provide habitat for countless species of marine animals and help protect the mainland from increasingly strong storms.

“The message that we want to get out is that our actions have put the future of our coral reefs in jeopardy. Working with Tinsley, we’re telling people that it’s not too late, that we can still save and restore the “rainforests of the sea” – we just need to work together!” said Alice Grainger, Communications Director, Coral Restoration Foundation™.

We live in dangerous times, and if we bury our heads in the sand it may be too late. But Tinsley and CRF™ are not giving up! We will continue to fight for our reefs so they will be there for generations to come. Please do what you can by donating or volunteering. Find out more at And to learn how Tinsley Advertising can help tell your brand’s story contact us.