Giovanny Gutierrez

Gio comes from the future. He is perfectly versed in most programming languages, dreams in code and can’t sleep when his pixels aren’t in order.

As Tinsley’s Director of Interactive Media, he creates interactive marketing solutions that perfectly integrate with television, radio and print campaigns. Gio is a master of all things internet, having developed websites and online marketing for a host of Clients. He was founder and creative director of web-design firm Ionic Studios, teaches digital web programming at Miami-Dade College, is a certified Adobe Developer, an Apple Certified System Administrator and a Certified Internet Webmaster. He’s also won numerous awards and accolades in the web design circuit while making viral videos and being an avid Instagrammer.

Gio will be your point man on anything even remotely futuristic. Be nice to him or he will hack into your bank account.

Reach out and touch him: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn