Emily Maier


You know how there are some people who have no idea how to merge onto a busy highway, and others who do it effortlessly? That’s sort of what happened with Emily Maier. She showed up at Tinsley virtually unannounced, and almost immediately proved to be a driving force on some of our busiest, most challenging accounts. She got up to speed in no time, and blended seamlessly with our agency culture. It’s probably safe to say that Emily’s most recent experience as Marketing Manager for the New York City Parks Department taught her how to play well with others. But Emily’s career wasn’t always fun and games. Upon graduation from University of Central Florida, she landed at Zimmerman Fort Lauderdale, as an Account Coordinator on Ashley Furniture Homestore. After a couple of years, she moved on to Madison Avenue for a stint at Deutsch, where she worked as an Account Supervisor on PNC Bank and Sherwin-Williams. We’re thankful Emily brought her New York work ethic to Tinsley. And we’re even more thankful that she also brought Ella, her almost ridiculously delightful Goldendoodle.