Don’t Feed Wild Dolphin PSA is Launched

“I know I can kick this if people would just stop feeding me.” These are the words of a people food addicted dolphin that we created to educate people about the dangers of feeding wild dolphins. The PSA took about 3 years from initial contact to launch but, it was well worth the wait. We were initially contacted by the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, FL to solve a problem: People don’t know that it is harmful and illegal to feed wild dolphins. You see it all the time, a well-intentioned fisherman throws some stale bait to a friendly dolphin who wolfs it down. The dolphin seems happy and after all, what could be wrong with feeding him? A lot, actually. Dolphins become addicted to handouts and loose their ability to fend for themselves. This is the premise for “Don’t feed wild dolphins”. It is an animated PSA featuring a dolphin in rehab. We worked with WIT Animation in Venice CA and had a blast doing it. You can see our documentary on the “Making of Don’t Feed Wild Dolphins“. We also created the website. Our goal is to educate both kids and adults about the problem and to start a dialogue. Check out the links and get involved and remember. Dolphins don’t eat hot dogs!

Twitter is more popular than Britney

Twitter keeps growing faster each day… Comscore just released its March metrics and estimates that Twitter grew 131% since February to 9.3 million viewers. To give a sense of the type of growth, here is the month-to-month growth in U.S. unique visitors so far this year:

March, 2009: 131%
February, 2009: 55%
January, 2009: 33%

It’s so popular that “Twitter” surpassed “Britney” a few months ago and is even slightly ahead of “Obama” according to Google Trends.

Twitter for Search Engine Placement

Twitter for SEP
Twitter just changed their title tags on their site to know not only show you your twitter handle but also your real name (or company name).
Minor tweak right? Wrong…. this makes now a huge impact on search engine placement. Did a search for my name and like Emeril *Bam*. My twitter is top third on Google Results.
Tried it with other names like “jimmy fallon”, “obama”, “karen denisse” and they are ALL on Google’s first page results….

Scaring Slatko

It was a late Friday, work was done and there was a big empty box from our new LCD TV just sitting in this dark corner.

“I know what to do!”