By Dorn Martell

A red flare, a few puffs of smoke and a low rumble. Two minutes later the Hoyt S. Vandenberg slipped below the waves, seven miles off Key West. I was fortunate to be among a group of journalists from all over the world who were covering this historical event on Wednesday. The sinking went off without a hitch, with only one small delay – an endangered sea turtle was spotted in the area and the demolition crew had to wait until she was safely out of the way. It was in this spirit that the Vandenberg began her new career as an artificial reef in The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Her history included tracking spacecraft for NASA and monitoring missile launches during the Cold War. She even starred in the movie “Virus”. And though she went down in less than two minutes, it was really the result of 14 years of work that got her where she is today.
“Now it’s time to charter a dive boat and go see her” said Joe Weatherby, who was beaming as he jumped on to the Fury and met with reporters. This is a great addition to The Florida Keys Wreck Treck and will soon be home to everything from Goliath Grouper on the bottom to Sailfish and Marlin on top. Look out for new ads by Tinsley and The Monroe County Tourist Development Council (The Florida Keys & Key West) promoting diving on the second largest ship in the world that was intentionally sunk to become a living reef. To read more about the Vandenberg go to


The 360° of Advertising Panel Discussion

By Gio Gutierrez

Yesterday (May 26th) was Ad Fed’s/Ad2 Miami’s panel discussion titled “The 360° of Advertising”. The venue was hosted over at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design and I was on the panel representing the Interactive field along with other advertising professionals such as Milan DeVito from Zimmerman and Elizabeth Calienes from Saatchi & Saatchi. It was a great event discussing different angles of the industry from PR to Mobile Marketing.

The talk of the night was definitely centered around social media. Some of the discussion was on what side of the fence do services like Twitter / Facebook fall (PR? Marketing? Advertiser?) or what to even call this personal. Social Ambassadors? Reputation Manager? Whatever is ends up being… it’s something we all agreed was important to the brand.

Note: Did a quick survey of the 50-60 students listening to the panel on “Who watches TV shows live?” 5 people raised their hand.


Don’t Feed Wild Dolphin PSA is Launched

“I know I can kick this if people would just stop feeding me.” These are the words of a people food addicted dolphin that we created to educate people about the dangers of feeding wild dolphins. The PSA took about 3 years from initial contact to launch but, it was well worth the wait. We were initially contacted by the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, FL to solve a problem: People don’t know that it is harmful and illegal to feed wild dolphins. You see it all the time, a well-intentioned fisherman throws some stale bait to a friendly dolphin who wolfs it down. The dolphin seems happy and after all, what could be wrong with feeding him? A lot, actually. Dolphins become addicted to handouts and loose their ability to fend for themselves. This is the premise for “Don’t feed wild dolphins”. It is an animated PSA featuring a dolphin in rehab. We worked with WIT Animation in Venice CA and had a blast doing it. You can see our documentary on the “Making of Don’t Feed Wild Dolphins“. We also created the website. Our goal is to educate both kids and adults about the problem and to start a dialogue. Check out the links and get involved and remember. Dolphins don’t eat hot dogs!

Twitter is more popular than Britney

Twitter keeps growing faster each day… Comscore just released its March metrics and estimates that Twitter grew 131% since February to 9.3 million viewers. To give a sense of the type of growth, here is the month-to-month growth in U.S. unique visitors so far this year:

March, 2009: 131%
February, 2009: 55%
January, 2009: 33%

It’s so popular that “Twitter” surpassed “Britney” a few months ago and is even slightly ahead of “Obama” according to Google Trends.