Tinsley wins again for The Florida Keys!

By John Underwood

At the 49th Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Orlando, Tinsley received five Flagler awards for our creative work done to promote our partner, The Florida Keys & Key West. The annual Flagler Awards are named after developer and railroad pioneer Henry Flagler, and were established by Visit Florida in 2000 to recognize excellence in the Florida tourism marketing industry.

We won the Henry for our Direct Marketing efforts that was an electronic campaign targeting New Yorkers to come in the Fall. We also won four more Flagler awards in the following categories: Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Print Advertising.

“Tinsley and The Florida Keys & Key West have consistently won Henrys and multiple finalist awards each year since the inception of the competition 16 years ago,” said The Monroe County TDC Director, Harold Wheeler. Our marketing programs continue to be recognized as among the best in Florida, but even more important is the effectiveness in developing sustainable tourism for the Keys.”

Tinsley has also been named the official Agency of Record for The Florida Keys & Key West after an RFP and Creative presentation over the summer. Tinsley was honored to be retained by the Keys, an account Tinsley has grown since winning it in 1986. We continue to be proud of our partnership with The Florida Keys & Key West and the many successes we have shared-together.

Pictured from left to right: Ashley Miller, Senior AE; John Underwood CMO, Harold Wheeler, Monroe County TDC Marketing Director; Jessica Bennet, Monroe County TDC Research Director and; Eric Gitlin, Vice President, Associate Media Director.

Pictured from left to right: Ashley Miller, Senior AE; John Underwood CMO, Harold Wheeler, Monroe County TDC Marketing Director; Jessica Bennet, Monroe County TDC Research Director and; Eric Gitlin, Vice President, Associate Media Director.

Tinsley Launches New Campaign For Holy Cross

By Dorn Martell

In two new commercials for Holy Cross Hospital “More than medicine” and “What we believe” faith and compassionate care are central themes. “More than medicine” opens on sunlight beaming through the trees transitioning to a beautiful baby’s bright blue eyes. The viewer is then shown patients with medical problems and positive outcomes. The voice over says “Some say the time of miracles has passed, but we see miracles around us, every day.” This emotional spot is based on the mission of Holy Cross to be a transforming and healing presence within our communities.

The second commercial, “What we believe”, is also a manifestation of Holy Cross’ core values to honor the sacredness and dignity of every person and the belief that the power to heal is a gift. The commercials were shot all over Holy Cross’ Fort Lauderdale campus, from the Main Hospital, to the HealthPlex, Dorothy Mangurian Comprehensive Women’s Center to the Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Center. The goal with these new spots is to raise awareness of Holy Cross by letting the community know that we are more than just good medicine and state-of-the-art technology. We are a group of caring health professionals who help alleviate fear and give dignity to every patient we serve.

“These spots really capture the soul of Holy Cross” said Sister Rita Lavasseur, VP of Sponsorship and Mission.
“We are getting a great response from the community and our associates as well”, said Christine Walker, Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development.

This was a great opportunity to strike an emotional chord with the community. Not many people know the Holy Cross story well and we at Tinsley are proud to be able to tell it. The commercials will run through April throughout Broward County and parts of Palm Beach County.


Sandy Tinsley recognized for major contributions to The Florida Keys & Key West

By John Underwood

Our very own CEO, Sandy Tinsley, was just recognized for her contributions to The Florida Keys tourism Industry by The Lodging Association of The Florida Keys & Key West on Friday night, at their annual awards banquet at the Pier House in Key West.

By unanimous vote, Sandy received the Margo Golan Community Service Award that recognizes leaders in the tourism industry who have made substantial contributions in the community. The recipients of this award have had a long-lasting, beneficial impact on The Florida Keys and are recognized for engaging in business or public affairs honestly and setting examples for others. Not only in tourism, but for making contributions that will be remembered and become a part of the history of the Keys.

Tinsley Advertising was awarded The Florida Keys & Key West tourism account for the Monroe County Tourist Development Council in 1986 and has maintained it for 30 years. Through recessions, storms and national disasters, the relationship has remained strong with successful marketing efforts that have not only yielded both the highest occupancy and average daily rates in the state, but also the top 10 in the country. Our campaigns have been recognized with numerous awards by travel industry leaders throughout the country. They have also been cited as successful tourism marketing case studies.

We are all very proud of Sandy, her leadership and our long-standing relationship with The Florida Keys & Key West.

The Lodging Association of The Florida Keys & Key West is the trade organization that represents the interests of the lodging industry in The Florida Keys. They represent more than 80% of all licensed lodging units throughout Key West and the rest of The Florida Keys. The membership primarily consists of Monroe County’s travel and tourism influencers including lodging owners and general managers throughout the destination.

Winds of change are blowing through Washington.

The Florida Keys & Key West take over D.C. train stations.

By Dorn Martell

Our new creative for Washington D.C. train stations is causing quite a stir. Especially our poster that features a Snowy Egret (who’s having a bad hair day) sporting the headline: “Donald is that you?”. It’s hard to make noise in a town that’s known for an abundance of political “hot air” but our new campaign seems to have really gotten people’s attention.




This ad is part of a series of train station posters that dominated D.C. train stations during the month of February. Other posters featured headlines like “Swing State”, “Way outside the Beltway”, “Party Platform”, and “What the Founding Fathers were really looking for”. We stay pretty neutral on politics but we couldn’t miss an opportunity to make fun of the process and a certain candidate’s challenging comb-over.











Check out some of the other D.C. Train Stations Ads here.

Tinsley and City Furniture encourage women to get checked for breast cancer.

By Dorn Martell

Breast cancer. It’s the second leading cause of death among women. Each year over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and for over 40,000 women, the disease will be fatal. Sobering statistics and the rationale for our latest spot for City Furniture. The spot talks about how breast cancer hits close to home and that every woman should be checked. A message that is especially relevant since the recent passing of Doreen Koenig, philanthropist and wife of City Furniture CEO Keith Koenig. The spot was created pro bono with services donated by voice actor Dave DeAndrea and Audacity Recording. It will run for the month of October and our sincere hope is that every woman will get examined and that some day there will be a cure for this horrible disease.