City Furniture Partners with Tinsley Advertising

By Dorn Martell

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the acquisition of a new account at Tinsley Advertising, Fort Lauderdale-based City Furniture. The relationship began with a series of casual conversations over the course of a year, and culminated with total brand immersion and a full-blown pitch, consisting of a dozen TV ideas as well as digital, social media and cause-related marketing.

Our team was so impressed with City Furniture’s Mike Lennon and Vanessa Northrop, and their vision of bringing quality, affordable home furnishings to the South Florida market that we couldn’t wait to get rocking on their brand enhancement strategy. We created a huge “Brand Wall” that started with images of Waterbed City and evolved into a complete brand transformation that included a major emphasis on green consciousness, community involvement, workplace ethics and the value of craftsmanship and integrity. It was wonderful to see how our sensibility and style meshed perfectly with City Furniture’s branding goals.

“We spent about a year and interviewed 10 agencies,” said Vanessa Northrop, Marketing Director. “Tinsley was the only agency that ‘got’ our brand, and our mission for the future.”

“We were really impressed with Tinsley’s work for The Florida Keys & Key West,” said Mike Lennon, Sr. VP of Marketing. “The sensibility of The Keys attitude with an emphasis on the environment really got our attention. We look forward to an emotional campaign that promotes the South Florida lifestyle, the importance of family, and cosmic home environments.”

We really clicked with the people at City, and look forward to helping CEO Keith Koenig realize his vision for expanding the City Furniture brand. We admire the way they do business and how they help the community. Good people who appreciate good work. That’s our kinda folks.

City Furniture has stores throughout South Florida in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, in addition to Collier & Lee County on the west coast of Florida. Visit for more!


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