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So Fall is officially here (or whatever you can call it in Miami) and AT&T finally came thru enabling MMS on the iPhone just a few days short of their Summer promise. Speaking of which, I really missed my other girlfriend in Jennifer’s Body which did pretty bad at the box office although she looked AMAZING in the season premiere of SNL. I’m personally looking forward to the ever provocative Michael Moore’s Capitalism and musical mastermind Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. On a different note, I’m curious to see how many people will spend their hard earned cash on American Idol’s first gay superstar Adam Lambert’s new album.
I was listening to NPR the other day and they were having a discussion with Maurice Sendak’s (Where the Wild Things Are creator) The original idea was Where the Wild HORSES Are but he couldn’t draw a horses (I doubt that’s true) so when he was asked what he could draw he came up with the wild creatures we know today. He said the drawings were of his Eastern European relatives.
Well I’m really excited for this weekend. I’m going to The Killers concert with some friends at the AA Arena. I’ve never been to any of their concerts. Hopefully when I leave the concert I’ll be inspired to paint, create a cool rock fashion collection or even write a song. What do you guys think.
I will definitely not be spending my hard earned money on Adam Lambert, I’m not even going to waste my time illegally downloading. I also think Megan Fox is pretending to be crazy to steal Angelina’s crazy celebrity thunder.  How did Michael Jackson’s This Is It not make it on the list? That movie’s going to be huge!
Julian, FYI…The Killers are NOT a Latin Band.



Picking out a pumpkin with my kids is always a highlight in October and seeing them dressed up for trick-or-treating. I’m looking forward to Stone Crab Season (October 15 - May 15), it might be the best food on the planet. The Blue October concert at Revolution on the 28th is gonna be sick, they never come this far south. There’s no way anyone could screw up Where the Wild Things Are, I can’t wait to see that movie. October is the month when we South Floridians can finally do things outside again. I’ll be going fishing, watching my daughter’s softball games, playing in the yard with my son and cooking on the grill.
I predict Adam Lambert (the second gay AI superstar) will sell about 64 Cds (I figure he has at least that many friends).
Adam Lambert is the next best thing since Michael Jackson. Yeah, I said it. Everyone knows I’m a die hard MJ fan, but talent like Adam’s only comes along once in a lifetime. His debut album is already #1 on Amazon.com, and it’s not even scheduled to be released until November 24th!!
Wow I didn’t know that…. I’ll shut up now. (Maybe I’m just jealous it’s not me ;)


According to PEREZ, it’s you Gio!



It’s about time the iPhone enabled the picture messaging feature!  I felt embarrassed and ashamed when my friend, Caro, who has an original Nokia from the Jurassic era, would send me a picture via text.  I’d have to explain that my glorious iphone, in all of it’s infinite ability, would not allow me to view the image without logging into a website.  Keep in mind, the only way to access the image was to try and remember or take note of some ridiculous user name and password that was arbitrarily contrived to be as forgettable as possible.  By the time I was able to pull up the thumbnail sized image, my so-called friend was halfway through a rant about how stupid I was for paying so much to take a big step backwards.  I would protest that the good far outweighed this one flaw but the taunting was endless.  Even though I explained that soon enough, my iphone would share this very basic feature, she shot back “Yeah right! I’ll believe it when I see it”.
As time went on I began to wonder if it was all lies.  Maybe I’d never be able to send or view picture messages. Maybe I should have stuck with my crappy Samsung and Sprint plan. Sure it had the lamest excuse for internet access, often froze mid-call, and had stopped holding its charge long ago but at least I would be able to see all the important images my friends were sharing.  Just when I was about to give up all hope, last Friday it happened!  My go-to-guy for all things apple, Gio, showed me how his iphone was now totally capable of doing what it could never do before; Picture text (aka MMS).
After downloading the update, I knew I had to call Caro.  First, I made sure to rub in the fact that my fantastic iphone, was now superior on every level.  Second, I had to ask her to send me some of the picture messages I had missed out on.   After I hung up with her, she sent me a single text.   It was an animated puppy peeing on a flower.  Good thing she’s one of my really good friends.. As ridiculous as it sounds, I’m thrilled I’ll never miss out on any of her retarded picture messages.  Thank You Apple.
Well, the fact that it’s Fall means my TV watching time is going to go up considerably with the Fall TV season now under way.  Two of the best new shows on TV right now imo are Modern Family and FlashForward.  Both on ABC.  Am I the only one around here catching these shows??  I haven’t heard anyone mention them yet. :(  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how FlashForward develops!  Maybe this show will help fill the void LOST is going to leave me after it ends in 2010. ::sniff::
Will be on her couch




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