Moe Flanagan

Vice President, Account Supervisor

There’s a darn good reason why “Moe” Flanagan understands the vacation/travel industry so well: she’s gained experience in it from two distinct points of view.

Before joining the Agency in 1986, Moe spent nine years in the travel business as a travel agent for one of South Florida’s top agencies. There she gained special insight into the minds of vacation travelers. And this knowledge was of immense help as she entered the advertising agency business.

At Tinsley she rose through the ranks within the account service department working on travel brands like Sandals Resorts and The Florida Keys & Key West. Along the way she also handled account management duties for SilverSea and Seabourn Cruise Lines.

In 1992 she began working with SuperClubs and was part of the early team that developed SuperClubs’s Super-Inclusive strategy. Today, as Vice President-Account Supervisor, Moe oversees SuperClubs Resorts working on five brands in five countries. And yet, despite her well-earned success, she has no qualms about arriving first in the morning and making coffee for everybody.


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